FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early

Everybody hopes to retire someday, but for those of us who are high achievers, we want to retire much earlier. If the standard retirement age is 65, we want to retire by 45. As I develop this blog, I will showcare some of my favorite financial blogs. No fluff blogs, but blogs that you can actually learn from.

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Everybody should have a well rounded knowledge of finance and you aren’t going to get that with a Suze Orman book designed to sell you FICO score products.

Start with Barrons and Kiplinger to get well rounded information from the markets.

One thing I can say for sure is avoid SeekingAlpha. It has some of the lowest quality research I’ve ever seen. I recall reading an article from someone claiming that everyone would become a millionaire if they would just invest in XIV. Welp, that short vol “investment” was vaporized and at least one guy lost $4 million playing with it.

While there are a lot of FIRE bloggers who are solely in it to push affiliate products and make sponsored posts (Financial Samurai, for instance), there are a few that share some actual useful information, like the reason why you should choose a traditional 401k account instead of a Roth. All gurus push the Roth, that explains why you shouldn’t pick it.

GenYFinanceGuy.com also is mostly detailing his goal to $10 million through various complex investments and running his own business.

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